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the 666 revelation - the revelation EP
    ALFATEC - Alfatec DVS039
Punk hardcore from Italy.
Fast hardcore punk played like in the old days. Old school is back in the day !
Alfatec was set up in the beginning of 2005 and play the first gig November of that year. "In 2006 we released a demo cd "Shouts from the Cradle" and the year after, in September 2007, we had our first tour in northern Europe. It took untill spring 2008 when we released a split cd with the dutch dudes from This Routine is Hell with a long promotional tour. In 2009 we released a 7" ep "Brainphobia" and till now we just play everywhere and jerking around. In 2011 we released our first full lenght album. We play for passion, we love what we do trying to do it in the best way possible. We are not a proper politicized and committed band, but we support everyone fight for a better place to live. Our lyrics talk about everythings strike us: our life, our city, personal experience and of course also policy, vatican, injustice and all the shit around us.........the world is full of shit, we just try to make our life a bit less miserable"      
"Started with nothing, ended with less."
Released 16 November 2011
Influences: Minor Threat, Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits
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