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Tiny Terrors - Tity Bang Bang
    TINY TERRORS - Tity Bang Bang DVS021
Tiny Terrors were formed in 2008 and never stopped rocking after. Four girls found the same interest and enthousiasm in music, so it seemed only natural to form a band. The goal was clear since the beginning: rock everyone socks off! And my god, these girls can do that! Influenced by rock, garage and punkrock sounds, they try to survive in a "man's world". Their bandname fits them perfectly and when you see them live, you will know why. Tiny Terrors shared the stage with bands like: The Plasticines, Sonny Vincent, Cooper, Craftmen Club, Flying Over, Guerilla Poubelle and many others. Their first demo called "Titi Bang Bang" has been released in 2009. After that, these girls have been on a "rockercoaster". They have played in and outside of Bordeaux, they have been on radio stations, television, even participated for good causes and in between they also have to satisfy their men.
Style: Garage Punk - 5 songs
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